February 2022 Community Update

As global events have marked the beginning of what some have referred to as the “first crypto war”, we have been seeing overwhelming support from the crypto community with nearly over equivalent donated to Ukraine since declaring a state of emergency through the government and NGOs.

Within the last week, we’ve also seen a significant drop in the last week of trading volume on Opensea, due to a phishing attack.

What do the two have in common? With digital assets comes responsibility– we urge our community to remember to DYOR at all times and ensure that the wallets they’re donating to or the contracts they are approving are legitimate.

Despite the huge success that many in the industry have seen from developments and new technology, such as the rise of NFTs, we remind our community that even with the best intentions we must be careful. Nefarious players may be around to take advantage of those that overlook the details, so we urge our community members to always exercise caution as we continue to explore ways real life scenarios can benefit from the decentralized nature of digital assets.


Another developing space that we’ve discussed in some detail this month is also the battle of the metaverses. We asked our community members to weigh in on which platforms they believed held the most potential– we summarize the findings and took a look at the latest developments for these players .


We’d like to thank our community members that participated in the Binance trading and staking competition.

This is the second time we hosted such a campaign with Binance, and have adjusted the mechanics based on the feedback we received from the first round. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves and best of luck for the random draw!

Just a friendly reminder that winners will have their rewards allocated to their Binance wallets within two weeks after the end of the activity.

Stay with us as we hope to have more activities to announce soon, and as we explore the changes within our industry in the days and weeks to come.

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