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OAX July Community Update

Hey OAX community,

The digital asset space has been buzzing with activity over the last month. We have seen major developments such as the ongoing crackdown of tokens considered securities by the US government, Ripple (XRP) winning a crucial court case, which is only a partial victory. To the latest Twitter’s attention-grabbing move to change its logo to X and potentially broadening the use of Dogecoin and other digital assets. The most controversial project of all is arguably the global identity project, Worldcoin (WLD), founded by AI pioneer Sam Altman. It recently went live after a year-long verification process that involved its iris-scanning hardware the “Orb”, with a goal to revolutionize digital identity and KYC. As always, we are excited to see how new use cases are found in the decentralized ecosystem and how it will evolve the industry.

We’ve also written about how institutions have regained their interest in crypto throughout 2023, with the race towards ETF applications and increase in funding interest especially within the Web3 space. Hong Kong also continues to showcase its support for Web3, announcing its intention to secure the city’s position as a Web3 hub.

We would like to express our thanks to everyone who participated in our recent Twitter poll on the most anticipated feature, and extend our congratulations to the winners! The results were insightful, and we are committed to incorporating your feedback to enhance our product — Notifs. We’ve definitely noticed the most popular requested feature is AI News Feed Integration from the poll. Our dev team has certainly taken this into account for our next few updates. All we can say for now is, please stay tuned and watch this space.

In the meantime, we are excited to announce the latest release of Notifs, featuring version 1.2.4 with the EVM import feature.

This feature allows you to monitor your digital assets not just on Ethereum, but also on layer-twos (L2) including Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon, giving you an overview of all your assets in one place. We are particularly excited to include Optimism and Arbitrum, both of which utilize Optimistic rollup technology to scale the Ethereum network, resulting in higher throughput with lower gas fees. As we see more projects being built on these two chains, such as Worldcoin, we can also expect an increase in user adoption.

We are dedicated to continuing to bring valuable features to the ecosystem and appreciate your support.


OAX Team

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