OAX Q4 Roadmap Update — Community and Engagement Stream

OAX Project Q4 Roadmap Update — Technology Stream

OAX Project Q4 Roadmap Update — Legal and Regulatory Stream

  • Formation and engagement of a working group of select industry partners to collaborate on, and guide the three streams/pillars of execution
  • Build a large “grass roots” community to support, guide, and educate the market on the goals and benefits of openANX to the crypto-currency community
  • Ongoing public relations and communication to maintain the visibility of the project in the public
  • Continue to build industry support and awareness for the project
  • Finalise and publish details of the working group, facilitate ongoing collaboration to direct the legal and technology streams
  • Build up the grass roots community to educate crypto, finance, and regulatory stakeholders on the objectives of the project
  • Design and execute on educational campaigns relevant to the foundation; such as building awareness of the risks around allowing third parties to hold private keys, and checklists for understanding the compliance levels of industry participants.
  • Traditional financial services
  • Blockchain technology
  • The blockchain industry and community
  • Delivery of the strategy outlined in the whitepaper and foundation charter
  • Engagement and management of service providers to ensure high value and industry leading quality is delivered
  • Ongoing engagement with the cryptocurrency, finance, and regulatory community
Mo’ money, Mo’ Problems



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OAX is a new, decentralized, digital asset ecosystem initiative run by the “The OAX Foundation Limited”. Go to http://www.oax.org to learn more.