OAX Q4 Roadmap Update — Community and Engagement Stream

By Hugh Madden and Liam Bussell

Today, we post the third and final part of the technology roadmap the “Community and Engagement Stream”. Combined, the three streams outline the core focus of the project team and the challenges and requirements we will be working on. They also outline our thinking in regards to how to generate the greatest value in terms of delivery and scope.

The long term and ongoing deliverables of the community and ecosystem stream include:

  • Formation and engagement of a working group of select industry partners to collaborate on, and guide the three streams/pillars of execution
  • Build a large “grass roots” community to support, guide, and educate the market on the goals and benefits of openANX to the crypto-currency community
  • Ongoing public relations and communication to maintain the visibility of the project in the public
  • Continue to build industry support and awareness for the project

Ecosystem and Community

The ecosystem and community deliverables for this quarter are as follows:

  • Finalise and publish details of the working group, facilitate ongoing collaboration to direct the legal and technology streams
  • Build up the grass roots community to educate crypto, finance, and regulatory stakeholders on the objectives of the project
  • Design and execute on educational campaigns relevant to the foundation; such as building awareness of the risks around allowing third parties to hold private keys, and checklists for understanding the compliance levels of industry participants.

Another important area that the community has asked questions about is how the Foundation will work and how it will report its spending and other aspects of oversight. Therefore, we have outlined this below.

Foundation Management and Capital Strategy

The foundation has commenced hiring for a general manager and placed a senior bank (former head of corporate banking) as an acting general manager starting 4th September.

The short term staffing strategy for the foundation is to maintain few full time resources, with a view that the expert levels of legal and technical support required is spread across a number of entities and individuals in the legal and technical community.

The current staffing strategy is to maintain a management team with expertise in one or more of:

  • Traditional financial services
  • Blockchain technology
  • The blockchain industry and community

The key objective and KPI for this foundation management team will be:

  • Delivery of the strategy outlined in the whitepaper and foundation charter
  • Engagement and management of service providers to ensure high value and industry leading quality is delivered
  • Ongoing engagement with the cryptocurrency, finance, and regulatory community

From a capital and funding perspective, some underspend is expected due to the difficulty of hiring the best talent in the cryptocurrency industry, and the unwillingness of the foundation to expend funds on firms and individuals that don’t have the prerequisite experience and skillsets. The foundation maintains a strict order of priorities as follows, “quality over cost and time”. The outputs of the foundation will be legal and technology relied on by participants for security and compliance; these tools must be of sufficient quality.

Due to this likely underspend; it is not clear that a second token sale will be required in 2018.

Mo’ money, Mo’ Problems

Rebranding and the website change

Additionally, the foundation has acquired the OAX.org domain, and a rebranding exercise will be undertaken to remove “ANX” from the foundation and project branding, this is seen as necessary to present an open, neutral community project. This will aid the engagement of other industry firms.

OAX is a new, decentralized, digital asset ecosystem initiative run by the “The OAX Foundation Limited”. Go to http://www.oax.org to learn more.