October 2021 Community Update

Happy Halloween to our members! Join us for some spooky fun and be sure to check out the Halloween campaign and stand to earn tricks and treats from both OpenSwap and OAX. The campaign is easy, and runs until Sunday October 31, so be sure to partake and stand to win. Find out the details of the campaign on OpenSwap’s medium page and start playing today!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with, we’re looking forward to seeing some creative entries.


What a rally the market has seen this last month, and we hope everyone has been trading safely. We have an exciting campaign coming up on Binance, and if you follow us on our social media channels you’ll be seeing hints that we’ve been dropping to our community. The campaign launches early next week so keep your eyes open for more information.


OpenSwap has been releasing some interesting news lately, with information about their queues and bridges and the troll camp introduction. How many of you are looking forward to joining the troll camp to earn the right to be a bridge troll? We think it’s an interesting way to create utility for the NFT and can’t wait for the launch!


And last but not least, a big congratulations to Professor Syren Johnstone. After all the work he did with the OAX team to explore crypto regulations resulting in the three-part paper we’ve shared in the past, he has gone on to publish a book “Rethinking the Regulation of Cryptoassets: Cryptographic Consensus Technology and the New Prospect”. We love to see how our grants nurture ideas that can grow into bigger things that reach different audiences. Find his book here: http://bit.ly/profSyrenbook.

Stay tuned for November, we can’t wait for these campaigns to roll out!

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