openANX Meetup in Ukraine

openANX Community #2 — A look into the cryptocurrency landscape in Ukraine

This week our guest post is from an openANX community group in Ukraine, where the project has received huge support. If you are part of a group, or are a backer and would like to submit a blog post, email

By burmik123 (Evhen from Kiev)

The Blockchain industry has been increasing significantly in the past year, especially for commercial use. We’ve seen more people starting to purchase Bitcoin, new start-ups entering the cryptocurrency industry, and Bitcoin ATMs being established into different parts of the world. Moreover, large companies and stores have started to take Bitcoin as mean of payment. Furthermore, some governments have started to recognize Bitcoin as an official currency. We’ve also seen governments start to implement blockchain technology for their own use.

At the same time, the cryptocurrency community had been growing steadily. Cryptocurrency awareness has been spreading consistently; more people are starting to learn about the use of Bitcoin, alternative coins, and initial coin offering (ICO). Everyday we’ve seen an increase in the number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts all over the world. Smaller countries like Ukraine was no exception.

The Ukrainian government is actively implementing the blockchain technology into their government structure (for example, state registration is currently being transferred to blockchain with the help of their partner, Bitfury). They are also actively searching for new technologies that seem promising, hence why the Ukrainian government has implemented the blockchain technology into their system and because of this, Ukraine has one of the largest cryptocurrency community within the CIS region.

Additionally, we can use Bitcoin for buying trade goods in our Central Emporium. Also in my native university KPI (Kiev Polytechnic Institute) at some faculties we have lessons, where lecturers tell students about Blockchain technologies. And especially I was in one café in Kiev, where people can pay for food and drinks using Bitcoin.

My experience

In early 2015 I learnt about Bitcoin and believed in the strength of Blockchain. I have since been a cryptocurrency enthusiast. Since then I began to engage myself in the cryptocurrency community, learning about different projects and through this, I have met many different people. Together we studied cryptocurrency, sharing our thoughts about the strengths and weaknesses of the new technology. We also started trading cryptocurrency and participating in ICOs together. Despite the Ukrainian governments effort to adopt the Blockchain system, many citizens have yet to learn what cryptocurrency and Blockchain is and how it functions. Because of my involvement in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, I’ve been receiving many requests from people asking for advice.

Through the multiple requests, I decided to bring those who would like to learn about cryptocurrency into one place to conduct an information sharing session, a meet-up essentially. I would like to share with you about one of those meetings.

openANX meetup in Ukraine

Last weekend in Kiev, I held a meet-up session for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and beginners. We discussed about a couple of interesting projects and topics. I made a presentation to explain what cryptocurrency is for the beginners. Furthermore, the presentation included information on a project that I found intriguing- openANX.

openANX is a project that is focused on being a decentralized exchange in hopes of tackling issues the community is facing with centralized exchanges. openANX will provide a mechanism for credit risk trading, effective dispute resolution, and will implement Asset Gateways, bridging fiat to tokens in a collateralized and transparent manner.

Prior to this meet-up, I’ve had experience organizing similar events so it was not difficult for me to make the event fascinating and interesting. I really enjoyed meeting different cryptocurrency users. In my opinion, nothing beats face-to-face communication with people over some food and drinks. I decided to invite the participants to the pub “Pivna Duma” in Kiev. I did my best using my contacts to reach a broad range of audience. I have prepared a presentation and speech, even printed out openANX logos, especially for this event.

On the appointed day (1st of July) at 7 PM, we all gathered in the pub. We perfectly discussed about blockchain and crypto, and I made a presentation of the openANX project. With the ongoing problem of centralized exchanges being hacked, I decided that openANX was a project worth noting about. I talked about the main features of openANX and answered all questions from the audience. After that I explained to everyone how to participate in the openANX ICO.

What do Ukrainians think about openANX?

When I finished my speech and presentation, people asked me some questions and shared their views. It so happened that at our meet up there was a guy, who lost 7 000$ a year ago, when Bitfinex was hacked. He was very disappointed of this loss. So openANX as decentralized exchange is a really interesting concept for him. He told me that he looked at similar projects — Waves DEX. But at his opinion, Waves devs work very slowly and new project with idea of decentralized exchange is good opportunity for diversification, and openANX can make strong competition to them.

Another guy from meetup told, that decentralized exchange can covered customers from unpleasant situation, that happened to him. He is trading on one of the major exchange. When he tried to make a withdrawal of LTC (12 000$ estimate) nothing happened. LTC Disappeared from his account and did not appear at that place, where he expected. Also, the hash of transaction was incorrect. This situation he tried to solve with customer support, but they did not answer him for two weeks. Thankfully, after two weeks he received his LTC. This person was especially interested in the dispute resolution mechanism in openANX.

As for me I also trade on centralized exchange and I am very worried about my assets. The centralization of the exchange creates a weak point for hackers. This weak point makes me feel uncomfortable to store my assets, since it is not secured. The decentralization of exchanges seems to be the obvious next step, and I do like how openANX incorporates centralized exchanges by transforming them into asset gateways.

Other people from meetup also had their own thoughts about project. The beginners were particularly pleased with availability of Asset Gateways on the openANX platform because it allows users to exchange fiat into cryptocurrency with ease. Many questions regarding the ICO and general inquiries were raised. The more experienced participants were especially interested about the distinctive features of openANX compared to similar projects. A positive response was received, especially when I discussed about credit risk trading because it could influence the market in a positive manner.

Our meeting was very warm and friendly. Everybody listened to my presentation very carefully. MeetUp participants met interesting people and made interesting comments about the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. I met new friends, with whom is really pleasant to spend time together. We all talked about crypto trading, about our best moments and biggest losses. During the discussion, we drank tasty craft beer, it makes our meeting friendly and funny. We showed newbies step-by-step how to participate in token sales, and made ETH Wallets for them. At the end of meetup we exchanged by telephone numbers with all members. (last weekend we also met together)

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