Standing on the Shoulders of Giants — Part 2

By Liam Bussell

Last week I wrote a blog post to thank some of our advisors for the support they provided for us before and after the token sale. I singled out L&Y Law Office, as they had recently put out a statement about the project. This week I would like to thank the host of other advisors and legal firms who stepped up and supported us at various times throughout the project.

First, I’d like to thank Jehan Chu of Jen Advisors, whose tireless efforts on behalf of the project (including frequent attendance at our early morning meetings, trips to China, New York and Singapore) and his encyclopedic knowledge of people in the crypto-space and how to get in touch with them.

I’d like to extend our thanks and congratulations to Peter Smith of, who as well as providing valuable insight on some core aspects of the project and being a (sometimes lone )voice of reason on timelines and developments, but also recently announced some amazing news of his own!

openANX first started to generate a lot of interest in China, with our Chinese social media channels (WeChat, QQ, Weibo) exploding a few weeks prior to the international channels.

When it comes to China, the contributions of Chandler Guo cannot be overlooked. Chandler came onboard the project and assisted us greatly by facilitating introductions and invitations that greatly extended our reach and footprint in the Chinese Crypto-community. Also, I’d like to personally thank Yang Yang, who helped us find the people we were looking for in Chengdu.

On the technical side of the project, two people really deserve to be singled out.

Bok Khoo, who as well as being the key architect of our smart contract, also provided a huge amount of assistance on answering questions regarding technical aspects of the project to the wider community. Bok also runs the always interesting site, which you can check out here;

The other person who more than deserves a shout out is Lionello Lunesu 李欧, of Enuma Technologies. Lio was one of the authors of the Technical Whitepaper and provided expertise on a number of difficult aspects of the platform design and concept, specifically around “state channels” and other areas.

Last but by no means least, we’d like to thank the other legal firms who advised us on various aspects of the project;

The KWM team were extremely helpful and responsive, working late into the night to review my poor writing, amongst other documents.

I’d like to single out Urszula McCormack, Lauren Dray, Marina Lauer and Jack Nelson who I’m sure must have broken many pencils correcting our poor and ambiguous prose.

KWM were actually featured in IFLR (a prestigious journal in the legal world) for their work on the project.

Also, I’d like to thank Marco Santori and Josh Garcia of Cooley for their insight and advice on all matters pertaining to the US. Marco and Josh were exceedingly flexible in terms of timezones when dealing with the bulk of our team sitting in Hong Kong.

In closing, the whole openANX team would like to thank the community, without whom this project would not be the success it is.


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